Squaxin Island tribe museum


The Squaxin island tribal museum library and research center is located in Kamilche, Wa on the reservation. The museum features an immense hall of seven inlets, store/gift shop, story telling circles, guided tours, and an exhibit which features items recovered form ancient fishing site. There is a small but professional staff which presents films, exhibits, lectures, tours, educational outreach programs and traditional skill workshops for students in local schools. Some of the educational programs consist of language instruction, cultural classes, research projects, story telling, and traditional activities like carving and basket weaving. The museum is very important to the community because it helps tell the story of the people and keeps the community involved. Some annual events are the sqwi’ gwi and the first salmon ceramony which honors and recognizes students for the school achievements. there is also the button robe project which gives high school graduates traditional blankets. Also the Squaxin Island intertribal drum group helps to preserve the culture by ways of coast salish and west coast song, and potlach protocol. The groups main focus is on educational programs and youth.

“This museum contributes to the life of the whole state, the whole nation and everywhere in the world where people believe it is important to share heritage, past, present and future. This is an incredibly important facility.”
– Dr. James Nason, former Professor of Anthropology and Curator of New World Ethnology, University of Washington’s Burke Museum




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